Modular Homes Limited

Over the last decade, the ‘Modular’ Group has firmly established itself as one of the Reliable and most Prosperous developers of real estate in Bangladesh by imprinting its indelible mark across all asset classes. Founded in 2008 followed by Progressive Success with ‘Modular Homes Limited’, a leap that has been supported by Architects. Engineers, Planners & Professionals.

The company has diversified over time into a number of related/non-related services, each of them spearheaded by individuals with adroit capacity. Services are as varied as the Architectural designing done by ‘Modular Architects’ and the Interior Designing by ‘Modulas’ redefinition of elegance and reliability in Construction & Commitment by ‘Modular Homes Limited”. They are also the only developers in Bangladesh to boast of such a widely diverse portfolio covering the Architectural, Interior & Landscape Design and Construction segments.

Modular Homes Limited has completed Several projects spanning around all fiels of construction from minimum to maximum… from Home to commercial spaces. And Also Aquired the affiliation from the top Government Authority ‘Rajuk’.

Modular Homes Limited is a trusted name with an established reputation for high quality standards, design uniqueness and transparency. Headed by a team of visionaries and dynamic leaders, the long-lasting mission of the company is to create spaces which are present-perfect and future-proof, blend well with the surroundings, and exude vitality and aesthetic appeal. Honesty, innovation, excellence, sustainability, value creation, and commitment to timely delivery are the core values of our company, which are perfectly aligned with every sq. ft. we build.