Modular architects is an experienced and talented young team dedicated to design & planning through the idea with the programmatic & functional essence of buildings. We believe not to impose style upon design but to enhance the site, climate & program through our architectural language. It is the dialog with the forces of existence which has rules and conventions also. We are implementing on building design, interior design, graphics design and 3d modeling & presentation. As a new generation architects we are  conscientious on sustainability & social responsibilities. The mischievous dialogues between solids & voids,  forms &  spaces, present & past, light &  texture, the  tangible & intangible  everything is here  in our  spirit of   architecture, the spirit  of  living.

The Complete Spectrum of our dedicated services are:

  • Architectural Design
  • Interior Deign
  • landscape Design
  • CAD/BIM Design
  • 3D Modeling & Animation
  • Logo Design , Graphic Design & Presentation

Asif Iqbal is a Co-founder of  modular architects in 2009. Through a series of national projects He earned a versatile knowledge & experience over different categories of building and interior design. As a new generation architect the projects contains shrewd  analysis, playful experimentation, social responsibility and humor. Alongside his architectural practice, Asif has been active as a guest lecturer at Inspiration Institute of Design and Technology, Dhaka.

Hasnat Farzana Juti a founding partner of modular architects since its beginning. Before modular’s foundation she was working at Vistaara Architects (pvt.) ltd. Dhaka. Through a series of High Rise commercial & residential buildings & Hospitals earned a versatile knowledge & experience over different categories of buildings and interior design draw a dimension to her career. As one of the key architects in orchestrating modular’s intensification, she oversees the design, hiring & managing the firm.

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